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Rescued from Eternal Misery
August 26th, 2018

Various texts “War is hell.” William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union general in the American Civil War, is credited with this line and he knew first hand what he was talking about. He saw the death and destruction of thousands of young men and he himself created much of the destruction as he created a “scorched […]

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Made for a Person and a Place
August 19th, 2018

Various texts One of my favorite Mark Twain books is Letters from the Earth. This is a book that was not permitted to be published until 1962, fifty-two years after his death, because his daughter thought the material represented a “distorted view of her father’s ideas and attitudes”. The first part of this book is […]

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Why do we suffer?
August 5th, 2018

Job 14:1-17 I talked last week about how waiting is a significant part of our Christian experience. When we read through the Bible we discover that Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for the promise they would have a son to be fulfilled. Israel suffered as slaves in Egypt for 200-300 years before God sent […]

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