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A Safe Haven
November 18th, 2018

Isaiah 10:16-11:16 The book of Isaiah is broken down into sections. Isaiah 1-5 is a prologue to the book. Isaiah 6 is the call of Isaiah to be God’s prophet to Judah and Israel. Isaiah 7-39 asks the question, “Whom shall we trust?” The first sermon in this section, Isaiah 7-12, asks, “Will you trust […]

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A Child Who Brings Peace
November 4th, 2018

Isaiah 9:1-7 What do you do when you have a bad president? Or a bad prime minister? Or a bad king? What do you do when the person running or ruling your country is operating out of self-interest, self-preservation, concerned only with protecting his or her power and wealth? What do you do when the […]

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