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Called to Serve
April 5th, 2015

Acts 9:1-19 We celebrate this Easter morning the resurrection of Jesus and his triumph over death. In the John passage that was read this morning (John 20-1-21), Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, then to ten of the disciples, and then to Thomas who was absent when Jesus appeared to the other disciples. But this was […]

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Filling the space
May 5th, 2013

Acts 2:42-47 Well, here we are at Villa 91. Isn’t it great? It is amazing for me to stand here in our new church with all of you because we are doing something I did not think was possible. For the four decades of the existence of RIC and for all of my thirteen plus […]

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Being Thankful
July 22nd, 2012

Psalm 136 Luke 17:11-19 Acts 27 (Started with story of The Ungrateful Tiger  for the Children’s Chat) Being thankful is a universal value. The story I told about the Ungrateful Tiger comes originally from Korea or maybe India and on the internet, there are stories from around the world about the importance of being thankful. […]

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Encouraging the Discouraged
June 24th, 2012

Acts 18:1-17 In 1785 William Carey was a young, 27 year old pastor in Moulton, England. As he sat at a meeting of ministers, he knew that God wanted him to speak out. He had a growing sense that Christians should go out into the world to share the good news of Jesus but the […]

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The Power of a Transformed Life
June 17th, 2012

Acts 18:1-4 I Corinthians 2:1-5 I have heard Billy Graham speak in person twice. The second time was in Central Park in New York City in 1991. Annie and I took our daughters and we were so far away from where Billy Graham was speaking we could see him only on the huge screens set […]

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