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When Healing Comes
February 21st, 2016

Mark 1:21-34 James 5:14 Elliot and I have felt led by God to preach sermons in this season of Lent, the forty days preceding Easter, that focus on major emphases in the ministry of Jesus. Elliot preached last Sunday about prayer and the practice of Jesus to go away to a quiet place to pray, […]

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Personal Postscript
February 16th, 2014

James 5:19-20 We come to the end of James’ letter this morning. When is the last time you wrote a letter? Have you wondered how the Bible would be different if it had been written on social media? In Acts 15:23–29 the Jerusalem Council met and sent out this letter: The apostles and elders, your […]

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Prayers of Faith
February 9th, 2014

James 5:13-18 A couple weeks ago as part of the sermon on James’ warning to the rich, I showed a clip from Fiddler on the Roof which inspired me to show the full movie at five o’clock this afternoon. I’m looking forward to watching this with you. There is another movie that came to my […]

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If I Were A Rich Man
January 26th, 2014

James 5:1-6 Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be rich? Imagine what you could do if you had more money than you knew what to do with? Do you ever spend time thinking about this? Fiddler on the Roof is a musical set in 1905 Tsarist Russia. The protagonist is a poor, Jewish dairyman named Tevye. […]

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Lord Willing
January 19th, 2014

James 4:13-17 On the bulletin cover is a picture of Erik Thomas who has a motivational video. As the video shows him doing an impressively, aggressive workout, he tells a story of a guru who took his disciple to the beach. He said, if you want to be successful, go out into the water. They […]

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