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Altar Your Life
September 25th, 2016

Genesis 18-19 Over the past few weeks we have been focusing on Abraham’s journey of faith from Ur to Haran to Canaan. I mentioned last week that God promised Abraham when he was in Haran that he would have a son and land and that he repeated that promise seven more times over the course […]

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Abraham’s Path to Faith
September 18th, 2016

Genesis 22:1-19 A friend of mine worked in North Africa and the Middle East for twenty years. When he was living in the West Bank of Palestine, his son, who was then three or four years old, was upset with him and said the meanest thing he could think of. He told his dad, “Youwa […]

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God’s Heart for Ishmael and Isaac
September 11th, 2016

Genesis 16:1-13 I talked last week about Abraham and his call from God to leave Haran (modern day southeast Turkey) and go to Canaan. (once again this week I will use the names given to Abram and Sarai in Genesis 17) He left with his wife, Sarah, his nephew, Lot, and two promises from God. […]

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How Far Will God Go?
September 4th, 2016

Genesis 15:1-21 It was Christian Jürgensen Thomsen (1788–1865), a Danish archaeologist, who came up with a scientific basis for defining the ages of mankind by a study of tools and other artifacts used. The three ages were the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. Each age was considered an advancement because of […]

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A Biblical View of Sex
July 26th, 2009

Genesis 1:26-31; 2:19-25 Five years ago in October 2004 my oldest daughter Elizabeth married Matt. She had been living the past few years in an apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts with four other single women and her lease ran out at the end of August. Matt had an apartment in Lowell where they lived after they […]

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