Category: Genesis

Made in the Image of God
September 22nd, 2002

Genesis 1:26-27 As I was working on this sermon and typing into the header of my document the title, Made in the Image of God, a fly landed on my desk and as I picked up the fly swatter I said, “You however were not,” and part of God’s creation ceased to exist. What does […]

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God saw that it was good
September 15th, 2002

Genesis 1 There is a wonderful movie about the composer Mozart titled, Amedeus. One of the many things I like about this movie is the insight it gives into the creative process of Mozart. The category of genius is overused today, but in Mozart’s case, it was well deserved. The movie shows Mozart walking down […]

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In the Beginning God
September 7th, 2002

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God There have been a few special moments in my life when I have been able to move beyond this material world, to transcend to an experience of God. One was a night in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, in the northeast of the US. I was taking a […]

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Genesis: a history of covenants
September 1st, 2002

Genesis 1-11 When someone decides to read all the way through the Bible from beginning to end, they get off to a pretty good start. Genesis is a wonderful book to read. The stories are interesting and exciting. There is love, intrigue, jealousy, murder, revenge, sex, all the elements of an exciting novel. The drama […]

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