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Unopened blessings
June 10th, 2001

I Chronicles 4:9-10 If you have ever tried to read the Bible in a year, reading three to four chapters each day, you have to eventually read the opening chapters of I Chronicles. And when you read through this list of name after hard-to-pronounce name after incomprehensible name tracing the lineage of post-exilic Jews back […]

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Do you want to be blessed?
June 3rd, 2001

I Chronicles 4:1-11 On the front page of the May 9, 2001 International Herald Tribune was an article about the prayer of Jabez. Let me read from this article, titled A Best-Seller Built Around a Prayer and with the sub-title, Book Sparks Revival of Prosperity Gospel. Buried in what many religion scholars agree is the […]

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