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The Privilege of Partnership
November 15th, 2015

II Kings 4:8-38 The first year Annie and I were married we had very little money. I had graduated from seminary and Annie was finishing her final year of university. I worked doing small jobs as a carpenter, getting a house ready to be renovated, and shoveling snow during the blizzard of ‘78. After shoveling […]

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Choosing Life – Choosing Death
October 4th, 2015

II Kings 5:1-3 The first time my father saw my mother was at a party when she was leading a conga line. She was popular and had lots of dates; she was the life of the party. In their married life, she and my father were the center of a group of people who had […]

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Growing through discipline
November 23rd, 2003

II Kings 5:19-27; 8:1-6 Two weeks ago the sermon focused on the story of Naaman, the commander of the army of Aram, who came to Israel seeking a cure for his skin disease. He did not come hat in hand begging for help, asking for charity, he came with a fortune. $1,000,000 US in gold, […]

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Who wants to be a millionaire?
November 9th, 2003

II Kings 5:1-19 The events of this chapter begin with a young woman captured in a raid on Israel and taken as a slave to Aram. Aram was a city state centered around Damascus and incidentally was the source of the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke. We are not going to dwell on this, but […]

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Asking for a double portion
November 2nd, 2003

II Kings 2:1-19a This morning in our series of sermons on Elijah and Elisha, we finally come to the event that has been portrayed on the cover of our bulletin for the duration of this series. Elisha watching as Elijah is being taken to heaven in a whirlwind with horses and chariots. The events of […]

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