Category: Old Testament

Hope in the Midst of Suffering
September 16th, 2018

Isaiah 1:21-21 What do you do when someone you love is suffering because of poor choices they made? What do you do when someone you love is trapped in addiction and a string of broken relationships? You lament; you grieve. What do you do when your country is suffering because of the lack of values […]

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True Worship
September 9th, 2018

Isaiah 1:10-20 Last week we began a series of sermons on the book of Isaiah. Isaiah does not open his book on a cheery note. The opening of this book paints a picture of a bloodied and bruised people, bloodied and bruised because of choices they have made, because of their sin. God’s response to […]

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The Pain of Rebellion
September 2nd, 2018

Isaiah 1:1-9 Isaiah is the first of the prophets in our Bible and is viewed as the greatest of the prophets. Isaiah is the second most quoted book in the New Testament. What is the most quoted book? The third most quoted book? In the New Testament there are 68 quotations from the Psalms, 55 […]

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Why do we suffer?
August 5th, 2018

Job 14:1-17 I talked last week about how waiting is a significant part of our Christian experience. When we read through the Bible we discover that Abraham and Sarah waited 25 years for the promise they would have a son to be fulfilled. Israel suffered as slaves in Egypt for 200-300 years before God sent […]

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How Long, Lord
July 29th, 2018

Psalm 13 How long, Lord? How long must I wait? Have you ever asked that question? We began asking that question before we had words. Our diaper was wet, we were hungry, we wanted attention and what happened? Did we stop to think if this was ok or not? Were we patient? No. We felt […]

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