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The Vulnerability of Christmas
December 23rd, 2018

various texts The prophecy of a coming Messiah God gave through Isaiah had to wait a long time until it was fulfilled. Israel waited and hoped for a hundred years or so and then Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians. Jerusalem was ransacked, the temple destroyed, and the prominent citizens were taken into captivity. Where […]

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The Liberation of Giving
January 21st, 2018

various texts Most times when a pastor preaches on financial stewardship, he or she gives some rules to follow. Many will tell you to give 10% of your gross income. 10% of your income is the baseline and giving begins after that. I too want to give you a rule to follow this morning. If […]

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God Loves a Cheerful Giver
January 14th, 2018

Luke 16:1-15 Three pastors met during the week and the conversation turned to the Sunday offering and how they used the money that was collected. The Baptist pastor said, “I draw a small circle in the middle of the room and throw the offering up in the air. Everything that lands outside of the circle […]

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Coin of the Realm
January 7th, 2018

Isaiah 55:1-3 In February 1999 when I sold my company, all of a sudden I had more money than I had ever expected to have. What was I supposed to do with this sudden wealth? I remember waking up the first morning after the sale of the company and the wonderful feeling of freedom I […]

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The Shipwrecked
December 18th, 2016

Matthew 2:1-2, 9-11 We have enjoyed another wonderful Children’s Christmas Pageant. It is a treat to see the children of the church in their costumes, speaking out their lines. Christmas Pageants are always a bit chaotic and we love the confusion, the timidity, the unexpected. It is a luxury for us to enjoy this Christmas […]

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