I. Membership

A. In addition to what is stated in the Constitution, persons wishing to become a member of RIC must:
1. fill out an application requesting membership in RIC
2. meet with a member of the MLT to review the application
3. have their application accepted by the MLT
4. read RIC’s Covenant at one of our worship services.

B. When it is deemed necessary, dismissal of members may be taken by an action of the Church Board.

C. Only members may vote at church meetings and hold an official position in the church.

II. General Meetings

A. The dates of these meetings shall be published and/or announced during the worship service at least two Sundays prior to the meeting dates. Although non-members are encouraged to attend, only members will be permitted to vote at a General Meeting.

B. Special General Meetings require the same two Sundays’ notice as SAGMs.

C. Emergency meetings involving security, health or welfare may be called at any time by the Pastor or Chairperson of the Church Board.

D. The Pastor will normally act as chair for General Meetings.

E. A quorum of 25% of the membership of RIC will be necessary for decisions of the meeting to be valid.

F. Decisions will be made by motions, second to the motion, and a vote of the members present. Motions will be carried by a majority vote except for cases specified elsewhere in the Constitution and Byelaws where a two-thirds vote is required.

III. Church Board

A. Election

1. Board members shall be elected for a term of one year. In order to maintain a reasonable degree of continuity on the Board, approximately half of the members shall be elected in May and the other half in November each year. Board members may be re-elected. Pastors shall serve as ex-officio members of the Church Board. The Board will seek decisions based on consensus but in case of an impasse the board may decide by a majority vote of the full board.

2. The procedure for electing new board members / re-electing incumbent members whose year is due to expire is;
a. Prior to the March / September board meeting, members whose term is coming to completion should confirm whether or not they are prepared to stand for a further term.
b. At the March / September board meeting, the board will (as far as possible) decide who to ask to fill upcoming vacant places. The list of names can include those who could be asked if the any of the first choices decline. The Chairperson is responsible for contacting candidates.
c. At the April / October board meeting, the board will finalise its list of candidates. This list will be announced to the congregation via the next possible service bulletin and RICemail.
d. The church membership can propose further candidates to any board member during the fortnight following the announcement in the service bulletin. Any names proposed will be communicated to the rest of the board by email and if a majority of the board members approve, the name can be added to the list of candidates for submission to the SAGM.
e. The names proposed will be submitted for approval by a majority vote at the May / November SAGM.
The Church Board will seek to have the diversity of the church community represented on the Board.

3. Nominations from the floor will not be accepted during an SAGM.

4. If an incumbent Board member is unable to complete the full term to which elected, the Board will determine the need for a replacement. Consideration will be given to the length of the unfulfilled term and the number of remaining Board members. If a replacement is deemed appropriate, a candidate will be duly elected at a Special General Meeting to complete the unfinished term. Replacement nominees should expect to fulfill the remaining term of the Board member being replaced.

5. All nominees shall:
a. Be a member of RIC.
b. In all good conscience expect to fulfill a term of one year (except replacements).
c. Agree to take an active role in the responsibilities of the Church.
d. Be spiritually mature.
e. Be men and women who exhibit the character qualities for leaders listed in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

B. General Responsibilities of the Church Board

1. The Church Board will work with the pastor(s) to outline, on a regular basis, programming that meets the needs of the congregation, in accordance with the church Mission Statement. These will include, worship services, Sunday School classes, small groups, fellowship events, and charitable projects to benefit the community.

2. The Board shall select its officers (Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) following an SAGM.

3. The Board will ensure that at least three members of the congregation are authorized to sign checks on the RIC bank account.

4. When it is deemed helpful, the Board may designate committees required to carry out the intent of the RIC Constitution and By-laws. These committees will make recommendations to the Board and/or General Meeting. These Committees may include the following:

a. Audit
b. Budget
c. Pastoral Care
d. Planning
e. Music
f. Communion
g. Sanctuary
h. Editorial
i. Nominating
j. Constitutional Review

5. The Board shall have the authority to approve non-budgeted expenditures up to 10,000 dirhams, as funds are available, for a specific project. More than one special project can be approved per month. However, all non-budgeted expenditures of a special nature must be subsequently reported to the church by the Chairperson of the Board. Any project requiring more than a total of 10,000 dhs requires the approval of the congregation at a General Meeting.

6. Designated gifts to the church, must be approved by the board and if approved, will be announced to the church as an action of the board.

7. The Board shall, when necessary, review the by-laws and recommend proposed changes at a SAGM. The Board may designate a committee to assist in the review. Any church member may present recommended changes through the Board for action at the SAGM in accordance with the procedures set forth in these by-laws.

C. Duties and Offices of the Church Board

1. The Chairperson will:
a. Be responsible for ensuring that the Constitution is adhered to in RIC actions taken by the church at General Meetings;
b. Monitor special committees to ensure timely execution of designated functions;
c. Chair monthly and special Board meetings in the absence of the Pastor;
d. Chair General Meetings in the absence of the Pastor;
e. Work with the pastors in writing a proposed agenda for each Board meeting and for each General Meeting.

2. The Secretary will:
a. Keep minutes of all Board and General Meetings;
b. Prepare correspondence as needed;
c. Make regular written reports of Board actions available to the church.

3. The Treasurer will:
a. ensure that accurate records of all income and expenditures are maintained;
b. ensure that all church collections are initially counted in the presence of two people;
c. ensure that regular financial reports are presented to the Board and to the church at the two annual General Meetings;
d. do a monthly audit of the bookkeeping, if the bookkeeping is being done by someone else
e. ensure that the financial obligations of the church are met in good time,
f. ensure that a budget is prepared in time for the Church Board to approve it before being presented at the November General Meeting.

IV. Pastor

A. The Pastor, as overseer, will help RIC to attain the goals they have set for themselves as reflected in the Mission Statement.

B. As overseer, the Pastor will be responsible for leading or delegating others to lead
1. A weekly worship service
2. Sunday School for all ages
3. Discipleship training
4. Youth work
5. Student ministry

C. In addition, the Pastor will:
1. Care for the Church by providing counsel & encouragement
2. Ensure that the Church reaches out to the international community, making itself known, offering counseling, information and courses to those who are interested.
3. Administer budgeted amounts for benevolence each month and make regular reports to the Board about the use of these funds.
4. Oversee the development of worship through music.
5. Chair SAGM and special general meetings.
6. Serve as ex-officio member and consultant for the Church Board.
7. Offer whole-hearted commitment to RIC.
8. Be self-motivated in the use of his time.
9. Give a short report regularly to the Church Board of ministry activities.
10. Ensure the production of a weekly church bulletin.
11. Oversee the work and activities of church staff members.
Note: In the case of a Pastor being funded by an outside agency, RIC recognizes that he will be additionally accountable to said agency for the use of his time and energies.

V. Appointment of Staff

A. A new leading Pastor shall be selected as the need arises. The Pastor will be nominated by the Board and approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a SAGM or specially called meeting.

B. Any Church Staff having recognition as an official representative of RIC shall be approved by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present at an SAGM or special general meeting of the congregation prior to their receiving the said benefit.

VI. Dismissal of Staff

The Pastor and / or Church Staff may be dismissed at the recommendation of the Church Board by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present at an SAGM or special general meeting of the church when it has been determined by the congregation that their presence is detrimental to the spiritual and physical life of the church. The Matthew 18 discipline process will guide the actions of the Church Board.

VII. Official Records and Procedures

A. Rabat International Church shall maintain a historical file to include a copy of:
1. The minutes of each General Meeting for 5 years
2. The minutes of each Board Meeting for 5 years
3. All financial statements and treasurer’s reports for 5 years
4. Committee reports as appropriate

B. Rabat International Church shall maintain sound accounting practices including:
1. The accurate recording of all income and expenditures
2. Maintenance of prior financial audits
3. Preparation of an annual budget each fall
4. Conducting an equipment inventory each spring
5. A yearly internal audit of all accounts

VIII. Changing By-laws

By-laws can be amended by the congregation at any General Meeting with a simple majority voting in favor of the amendment. Proposed changes in the By-laws must be presented in writing to the congregation on the Sunday prior to the General Meeting.

IX. Representation of RIC in other organizations or associations

In terms of Article 4 paragraph II of the Constitution, RIC may join other organizations or associations. RIC’s representation in any such organization shall be made up of at least one board member and one other member of the congregation chosen by the Board. The Board’s decision on which of its members will serve as representative will be decided internally by the Board on the basis of consensus, or failing agreement, by vote of a two thirds majority at a regular Board meeting.
The Board’s choice of ordinary member to represent RIC will be ratified by a simple majority of members voting at any SAGM or Special General Meeting called for this purpose.
In the event that any such representative is not ratified at the SAGM, the Board will nominate at a later date another representative, which choice the Board will then seek to be ratified by the same means as above. If this second attempt fails, the Board will appoint a second Board member to represent it to any other external organization or association.
In addition to the two members above, the Board may decide to ask the Pastor to represent it on any such organization or association.

Representatives of RIC to other organizations or associations will normally serve a term of one year, renewable to a maximum of two years. Any representative with the exception of the Pastor must take at least one year’s break before being eligible to serve another term.

The duties of these representatives shall be to keep the RIC Board informed of decisions taken by the outside organization or association on a regular basis and to report to the General Meeting on activities of the said organization or association.

The two representatives will have the authority to vote on any issues brought to ballot by the said organization or association. The representatives will be required to conform to the policy and opinions of the RIC Board when exercising their vote. Any controversial decision will first be referred to the Board before the Representatives exercise their vote in an outside association or organization.

These by-laws were revised and approved by the congregation at the Semi-annual General Meeting, 9 November, 2014, and last amended in November 2016.

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