About Us

For over seventy years Rabat International Church has been a faith community, meeting for worship each Sunday in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. If you have not experienced an international church before, you will find it is a very special place with an opportunity to make friendships and share insights with people from other cultural points of view.

On an average Sunday, we have 30-40 nations and 40 denominations represented in our congregation. This makes us a microcosm of what heaven will be like, which is delightful, but also makes us unlike the church you have probably come from. We find this difference intellectually and spiritually stimulating and it encourages us to grow in our faith.

We are a highly transitional church with over half of the congregation changing every two years. One pastor in Morocco said pastoring an international church in Morocco is like pastoring a parade. It is difficult to say good-bye on a continual basis, but we get to say hello just as frequently. This has taught us to make friends quickly and we trust you will find, as others have, that the RIC community is eager to welcome you and help you grow spiritually while enjoying your time in Rabat to the fullest.

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