Below you will find links to RIC sermons dating back to 2004. You can search by month or by book of the Bible. Read an excerpt of each sermon and then click on the link to read the whole sermon. May the word of God edify you richly.

Faith, Love, Hope
January 20th, 2019

I Thessalonians 1:1-3 Paul wrote more letters than are recorded in the New Testament. Paul wrote at least four letters to the church in Corinth, only two are part of our Bible. Of Paul’s New Testament letters, Galatians is the earliest written and I Thessalonians is the second. Paul and his companions visited Thessalonica in […]

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The Vulnerability of Christmas
December 23rd, 2018

various texts The prophecy of a coming Messiah God gave through Isaiah had to wait a long time until it was fulfilled. Israel waited and hoped for a hundred years or so and then Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians. Jerusalem was ransacked, the temple destroyed, and the prominent citizens were taken into captivity. Where […]

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We Are Not Alone
December 9th, 2018

various texts Last Sunday I went to church in Chiang Mai, Thailand – 10,225 kilometers and six time zones from Rabat. They celebrated the first Sunday of Advent with the lighting of the first candle and Christmas songs. There were about 30-40 people and after church we shared a meal together. It is a nice […]

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A Safe Haven
November 18th, 2018

Isaiah 10:16-11:16 The book of Isaiah is broken down into sections. Isaiah 1-5 is a prologue to the book. Isaiah 6 is the call of Isaiah to be God’s prophet to Judah and Israel. Isaiah 7-39 asks the question, “Whom shall we trust?” The first sermon in this section, Isaiah 7-12, asks, “Will you trust […]

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A Child Who Brings Peace
November 4th, 2018

Isaiah 9:1-7 What do you do when you have a bad president? Or a bad prime minister? Or a bad king? What do you do when the person running or ruling your country is operating out of self-interest, self-preservation, concerned only with protecting his or her power and wealth? What do you do when the […]

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