The ministry of Rabat International Church is to serve the international community living in Rabat.  Through prayer, Sunday morning services, Bible studies, fellowship groups, charitable projects and other events, we endeavor to grow more intimate with God and to live in a way that pleases him.

The particular activities offered change as the members of the church change. If you would like to facilitate a new ministry, please let us know so we can work with you to make it a reality.  We run the programmes below when there is a need – please let us know if you are interested in joining in any of them.

Midweek Bible Studies
When you come, please talk with us and we can help you find a study that would be appropriate for you.

The Alpha Course
The Alpha Course is an excellent ten-week introduction into what Christians believe and why they believe it. Those who are searching or curious will feel comfortable exploring in this non-judgmental environment. For more information go to:

The Person of Jesus Study

We have found that the “The person of Jesus” studies (over about ten sessions) and the “Prayerlife” study (also about ten sessions) have been of great help to many of us.  For more information go to:

The Marriage Course
The Marriage Course is a wonderful eight-week course that has been a treat for the couples who have participated. For many it has been like a date night: good food coupled with helpful instruction on how to make a good marriage better. This course is offered two or three times a year. For more information go to:

Men’s Discipleship
In this seven-week study for men, we study a different topic each week (one session a week), followed by discussion, accountability, and prayer.

University Students
We have a large number of university students from the English-speaking countries of Africa who are pursuing their studies in Morocco. We work to develop growth in their Christian faith during their years of study. If you are studying in Morocco, we encourage you to join us.

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