Below you will find links to RIC sermons dating back to 2004. You can search by month or by book of the Bible. Read an excerpt of each sermon and then click on the link to read the whole sermon. May the word of God edify you richly.

Philippians: a love letter
April 23rd, 2017

Philippians 1:1-2 Philippi was a leading city in the district of Macedonia, in modern day Greece. In 42 BC there were two major battles between Cassius and Brutus (who had assassinated Caesar) and Octavian (who later became the emperor Augustus) and Mark Anthony. After Octavian and Mark Anthony won the battles, they honored Philippi by […]

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Jesus is the only way: but there’s more than one way to Jesus
April 16th, 2017

Luke 24, John 20 John Fischer has a song titled, “Jesus is the only way, but there’s more than one way to Jesus.” This is disturbing to followers of Jesus when you first hear it. Followers of Jesus resist the world view that all religions have truth and all are valid paths to God. But […]

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Authenticity that comes from the heart
April 9th, 2017

Matthew 23:1-12 I began the sermon last Sunday asking, “Did Jesus love his disciples?” The answer, of course, is, “Yes, Jesus loved his disciples.” Did Jesus love everyone he met? It is clear to me that the answer to that question is also, “Yes.” Jesus came to rescue all men and women, not just some […]

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Sheep Among Wolves
April 2nd, 2017

Matthew 10:16 Did Jesus love his disciples? Of course he did. Jesus loved people. The gospels are full of examples of his actions that resulted from loving and having compassion on people. In Mark 10:21 we read about how Jesus felt about the rich, young ruler who came to him. Jesus looked at him and […]

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Stepping into the Unknown
March 19th, 2017

Matthew 14:28-33 There are some days when so much happens it feels that a week passed in just 24 hours and Matthew 14 shows us one of those days in the life of Jesus. This is a fascinating chapter, full of drama. John the Baptist boldly confronted Herod Antipas who had married his half-niece Herodius, […]

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