Below you will find links to RIC sermons dating back to 2004. You can search by month or by book of the Bible. Read an excerpt of each sermon and then click on the link to read the whole sermon. May the word of God edify you richly.

Generous Sowing, Generous Hearing, Generous Blessing
March 18th, 2018

Mark 4:1-20 Why is it that some people respond to the invitation of Jesus to come and others do not? Why is it in a family that some of the children will grow up to follow Jesus but others will walk away? One of the more disheartening experiences in my life was with a man […]

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Identity Matters
March 11th, 2018

1 Peter 2:9-10 Who am I? How do I define myself? What makes me different from other people? I’m an American. I am a white American. I am a white American with Northern European ancestry. I am a white American with Northern European ancestry with three academic degrees. I am a white American with Northern […]

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The Liberation of Giving
January 21st, 2018

various texts Most times when a pastor preaches on financial stewardship, he or she gives some rules to follow. Many will tell you to give 10% of your gross income. 10% of your income is the baseline and giving begins after that. I too want to give you a rule to follow this morning. If […]

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God Loves a Cheerful Giver
January 14th, 2018

Luke 16:1-15 Three pastors met during the week and the conversation turned to the Sunday offering and how they used the money that was collected. The Baptist pastor said, “I draw a small circle in the middle of the room and throw the offering up in the air. Everything that lands outside of the circle […]

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Coin of the Realm
January 7th, 2018

Isaiah 55:1-3 In February 1999 when I sold my company, all of a sudden I had more money than I had ever expected to have. What was I supposed to do with this sudden wealth? I remember waking up the first morning after the sale of the company and the wonderful feeling of freedom I […]

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