Category: Acts

God Will Overcome!
June 7th, 2009

Acts 12:19b-24 When I think about the book of Acts I think about the excitement of the church as it grew from just a hundred or so followers of Jesus, to 3,000 converted at Pentecost, to the expansion of the church into Samaria and then into the Gentile world. I think about Acts as the […]

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Am I Willing to Be Proved Wrong?
May 17th, 2009

Acts 9:43-10:23 My father had a number of prejudices, although I think he liked to hang on to them simply to provoke discussion. When I was in seminary one of my roommates came with me to visit my family and when my father discovered that my friend, David, had grown up in France, he said, […]

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Would Jesus take people to the hospital?
May 5th, 2009

Acts 9:32-43 This will be the fifth year we have preached from Acts in the period after Easter until summer. Over the past four years we have moved through nine and a half chapters of Acts. We ended last year with Paul being sent off to Tarsus because of threats on his life in Jerusalem […]

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Beautiful Feet
July 20th, 2008

Acts 8:26-40 This past Thursday we had a RIC day at the beach. We announced this in the bulletin for at least three weeks ahead of time and I mentioned this in church during announcements. We had a great time. I put up my WWI biplane kite with a long colorful tail and then flew […]

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What, Why, and from Whom
May 25th, 2008

Acts 9:19-31 Let’s say you wanted to be a professor. After years of study and training, with graduate degrees under your belt, you step into the classroom and the students fall asleep while you lecture, talk with each other while you try to communicate your lesson and three-quarters of the class walks out early. How […]

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